To tell a good story requires not only skill as a writer, but also curiosity, humility, timeliness, and dedication. A little politeness goes a long way, too. As a writer and editor, I've contributed work about music, film, culture, food, travel, news, and, yes, even coffee to publications such as The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, Time Out NY, Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine, BUST Magazine, Chickpea Magazine,, Food & Wine's FWx website, Serious Eats, Slash/Food,, and Amplifier Magazine, among others.


Writing & Editing

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Coffee Professionalism

Coffee. words. travel. wonder.

Coffee is not only my day job, it's also my passion, the majority of my social interaction, and my hobby. I have worked in specialty coffee since 2000, at various times as a barista, retail manager, codirector of coffee, wholesale-account manager, educator and trainer, salesperson, speaker, writer, and volunteer. I work for the specialty green-coffee importing company Café Imports, and I also contribute to and copyedit the bimonthly trade publication Barista Magazine. 


Click here For information about new york City coffee: A Caffeinated history  (The History Press).